Terms Of Service


1. About This App

  • (1) This software system provides a mobile application for the online fitness challenge. Aims to transform the professional planning of dietitians and fitness coaches into diverse competitive challenges. Users can choose suitable challenges according to their health goals, physical conditions, and daily routines to achieve their goals step by step with friends. Our users can also pay to obtain an advanced expert plan from our product service. Users can download and use the company’s Chinese website https://nefitor.com/zh/ (Referred to as this website) or a third-party application authorized by the company.
  • (2) You can enjoy the services provided by the company after becoming a user of this service:
    • a) This software provides services such as diet records, exercise plans, physical values, and fitness challenge planning. You can record your own health information such as diet and body data at any time. You can follow the planned values on the dashboard to make diet arrangements and complete daily challenge tasks with the diet guidance and exercise videos.
    • b) This software provides paid services. The company’s professional team provides corresponding professional services for professional goals and specific ethnic groups. For details, please check the relevant information when paying.
    • c) When you press the pre-order on the product service, you can read the content of the functions, rules, and action direction to reduce the gap in your understanding of paid services.
  • (3) When the users register this software, read and accept this agreement and click confirm which means that you have read and accepted all user terms. Please read carefully and understand the user terms fully to protect your legal rights and obligations.

2. User account password

  • (1) The user registration account password or the account password of the social platform login to use this software, the original user terms of the third-party social platform connected to the account are not within the protection scope of this platform. The company only provides services based on the information filled in by the user and provides protection of rights and interests in accordance with this clause. If the information you provided does not match the actual situation, the company does not assume responsibility.
  • (2) The user shall not disclose or provide the password to others to know or use. All actions performed by using the service with the same user account and password will be regarded as the actions of the user himself, and he shall bear his own responsibility. If any damage is caused to other users, the company, or any other third party, the user bears full responsibility.

3. User behavior

  • (1) You promise not to use the scope of services provided by this software for any illegal purpose or in any illegal way. You promise to abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China and all international practices for using the Internet.
  • (2) If you are a user outside the Republic of China, your use of this service must comply with relevant local or international laws in addition to this user terms. If it causes damage, you must be responsible for it yourself. If there is any damage to the company, it shall be liable for compensation.
  • (3) You should abide by the following agreements when using this software:
    • a) Do not infringe the rights of others, including but not limited to reputation, privacy, trade secrets, trademark rights, copyrights, patent rights, etc.
    • b) Do not do the following, including but not limited to uploading, posting, publishing, or sending any defamatory, insulting, offensive, obscene, false, violation of public order or other illegal text, pictures, or any form of a file on this software or related communities linked to.
    • c) You are not allowed to use this service or the resources provided by this website without the permission of the company, including but not limited to the graphic database, software, and files for compiling web pages, etc. to engage in any commercial or non-commercial activities.
    • d) Any other behavior that violates this “Terms of Use” or that the company has justified reasons and confirms that it is deemed inappropriate.

4. User purchase behavior

  • (1) Users can purchase the company’s products and services through an online payment. The company offers a variety of payment methods, such as Visa financial cards, credit cards, and remittances.
  • (2) Users who purchase the company’s products and services must pay according to the amount marked on the platform. If the full payment is not paid, the company will not provide services. If the agreement is violated after payment, the company has the right to terminate or cancel.
  • (3) Users can purchase goods and services provided by other websites or other manufacturers through this product service. The company does not involve any interpretation, explanation, or guarantee responsibility of third-party manufacturers. Based on user rights and interests, we will assist you in identifying and requesting the manufacturer to explain the quality, content, delivery, guarantees, and responsibilities of guarantees for defects of their products in advance. If there is a dispute with any third party due to the aforementioned sale, service, or other transaction behavior, the company will assist users to protect their rights by the guarantee from the cooperative manufacturer.

5. Personal data authorization

  • (1) Any information uploaded, transmitted, entered, or provided to the company by you or your authorized person is owned by you. Once any information is uploaded, transmitted, entered, or provided to the company by you, you agree to:
    • a) The company, the company’s partners, or the company and its partners’ employees, trustees, or any third party related to the business may use (including but not limited to collection, processing, preservation, and use, etc.) data and records kept or generated by users.
    • b) Authorize the company, the company’s partners, or the company’s and its partners’ employees, trustees, or any third party related to the business to perform, including but not limited to modification and rewriting of the information, records, use, dissemination, distribution, public broadcasting, modification, dissemination, distribution, public publication, etc. provided by the user. It shall not be sublicensed to others.

6. Social Community sharing

  • (1) This software will not push third-party product information actively that is not related to fitness to affect your user experience. It will only push you the products and services of third-party manufacturers clearly shown above according to the content of the challenge you participated in. To improve your target effect after participating in this paid service, these products or services may come from this website or other companies on this website.
  • (2) If the user does not accept the service content provided by this service or other product service on the platform, he can take a screenshot and notify the company by mail, and we will assist in contacting the third-party partner manufacturer.

7. Other user behavior

  • (1) The information, data, text, software, music, audio, photos, graphics, videos, information, or other data posted privately by other users are the responsibility of users of this service. Although the company cannot control other user behaviors posted through this service and does not guarantee its correctness, completeness, or quality, the company will provide user terms to assist users who have clear evidence of damage to their rights.
  • (2) The company will review the behavior of other users regularly. If there is clear evidence of malicious behavior and damage to other users, the company has the right to reject or remove any user behavior provided through this service. The company has the right to remove any user behavior that is likely to violate the terms of service or laws, or that is offensive.

8. Statement of terms

  • (1) The “user” mentioned in this clause refers to a person who has the ability to sign a contract by the laws and regulations of the Republic of China, and completes the registration following the guidelines of this software. If you are an incapacitated person, you should be done by a legal representative; if you are a person with limited capacity, you should get the prior consent of the legal representative.
  • (2) When you use the company’s products or services, you should really abide by the provisions of this clause and relevant laws and regulations.
  • (3) The company has the right to review the qualifications of users. When you violate the terms of this treaty and related laws and regulations, the company has the right to terminate or cancel your user qualifications. The company reserves the right to interrupt, terminate or cancel some or all of the services at any time, without being responsible to users or third parties.
  • (4) The revision of these terms applies to all users. When the company revises these terms, it will be announced on this website or this software. If you do not accept the revised terms, please send an email to negotiate with the company; if you continue to use it, you will be deemed to have read and agreed to the revision.

9. Privacy protection

The company respects and protects your privacy and personal information (please refer to “Privacy Policy”).

10. Protection of intellectual property rights

  • (1) Any use of this company, this website, and this software, including but not limited to programs, works, pictures, files, information, data, website structure, web design, etc.. the company has rights including but not limited to trademark rights, patents, copyright personality rights, copyright property rights, etc.
  • (2) No one is allowed to use other user or platform content (including but not limited to the modification, remake, use, promenade, distribution, public broadcast, public publication, etc.), and must obtain written or letter consent from the company. If it causes damage to the company or a third party, you must bear the responsibility yourself.
  • (3) Through the social sharing function of the company’s products and services that share this product, service, and personal record information on your social platforms is not included in this protection clause. It is only necessary to confirm the scope of use and the declaration of rights and obligations.

11. Disclaimer

  • (1) The company has the right to suspend, stop, or interrupt the services of this website and its software when the following circumstances occur:
    • a) When replacing, upgrading, maintaining, or constructing software related to this service.
    • b) When a sudden electronic communication equipment failure occurs.
    • c) When natural disasters or other force majeure factors make this website unable to provide services.
    • d) Other important matters.
  • (2) The company will notify the user of major changes in advance within the expected range. The user’s personal records in this product service, the text, pictures, and other materials uploaded to the message will be stored and backed up under the user’s permission. If the company suffers from all or part of its contents are lost or damaged due to accidents controlled, and will not bear any responsibility.
  • (3) The company does not assume any guarantee responsibility for whether users can accurately implement the terms of service. The company is not responsible for the damage caused by the user using this service. If any user of this product service is violated by other users and causes damage to their rights, the company will provide these terms to users with damaged rights.
  • (4) All remarks, opinions, or behaviors of users on this site only represent the user and do not represent the position of the company. The company does not bear any responsibility and does not guarantee the correctness of the identity claimed by the user.
  • (5) The user should understand the information on this website and the information of the company’s partner company by himself. The user downloads, uses or purchases the company’s or partner company’s products based on a full understanding and acceptance of the relevant information. You shall bear its own risks or negotiate with the providers of goods or services purchased or obtained by users through sponsors or advertisers of the company for compensation following the law.

12. Other regulations

  • (1) If your behavior of this service causes the company to be investigated or prosecuted by a third party or administrative agency, the company has the right to request damages from you, including but not limited to litigation costs, attorney fees, and goodwill Loss, etc.
  • (2) All disputes arising from the use of this service shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China, and the Taipei District Court of Taiwan shall be the court of first instance jurisdiction.

[The above is the full text of the Terms Of Service]