Privacy Policy


1. Description of privacy policy

Nefitor Technology Co., Ltd. (“The company”, “We”) formulates this privacy policy for collection of your personal information, and protection of your privacy rights. When you use our website, platform, application or other activities, we will use and protect your personal information in accordance with the content of this privacy policy properly.


2. Consent of privacy policy

When you agree to register and browse the company’s website, platform, application or other activities, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to the items contained in this privacy policy.


3. Purpose of collecting personal information

The company collects your personal information (including privacy information, health information and life records, etc.) to help fitness instructors (including system operation engineers, dietitian, and fitness trainers, etc.), so that provides you with better fitness guidance and product service.


4. Scope of Personal Data

The scope of personal data in this privacy policy applies to the following descriptions:

  • Personal identification information:Inclusive of name, occupation, contact information, unified national ID card number and other relevant information.
  • Personal description data:Such as gender, age, date of birth, height, weight, various life records (sleep, diet, water, exercise, and defecation), and other related data.
  • Personal financial information:inclusive of the name, account number of the financial institution account, credit card or charge card authorization number, and other relevant information.
  • Personal health information:such as medical records, health checks, personal or family disease history, and other relevant information.


5. How to collect your personal information

The company will collect personal information in the following ways:

  • Personal provision:Personal information provided when registering an account, recording personal life by the application.
  • Data collection:The company will collect the data provided by the user on the website automatically, and track the user’s various activity data and information on the company’s website, platform, and application.
  • Cookie:You will store your user identification code temporarily through Cookie. If you choose to store your password when logging in, we will use Cookie to identify the password retention requirement to protect the security of the user’s account password. If you don’t want our company using cookie data on websites, platforms, and applications, it will cause some services or specific functions of the company to not be used normally.


6. Using period, region, and target of personal information

  • Period:The applicable period is until the day when you request to stop or the company stops providing services.
  • Region:The applicable region will currently be used all over the world.
  • Target:In addition to the various functional requirements of the company’s website, platform, and application, your personal data collection will also be used for identification, cash flow services, fintech services, and marketing needs.


7. Where to save personal data

To provide various services of the company’s website, platform, and application, the company will process and store data through cloud security servers located around the world. The system may transfer your personal data to cloud security servers located in other countries according to needs.


8. How to use personal data

The way the company uses your personal data is as follows:

  • Providing services:We collect your personal information, the main purpose is to provide high-quality fitness guidance, product services, and we also push you on our company’s website, platform, and application to provide more suitable relevant information for you.
  • Data analysis:We collect a variety of your relevant data, and will process anonymous data to apply to industry analysis, research, and market statistics. We may also share some data information with third parties due to the needs of functional use to help the company’s website, platform, and application provide you with better services.
  • Message notification:We will push you to the latest product announcements, system updates, test invitations, surveys, or offline events from time to time. If you participate in a challenge, lottery, or other promotional activities, we may also use the personal information which you provided to provide activities.
  • Marketing activities:We collect all kinds of relevant information about you, which may be applied to the needs of various online (Google ads, FB ads) and offline activities in the future, and anonymous to protect your right to privacy properly.


9. Security of Personal Data

To protect your privacy, the company will not provide your personal information to any third party who has nothing to do with the company’s website, platform, and application services without your personal consent. Please keep your own account password and personal information.


10. Contact information of our company

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please send your questions to through your personal mailbox, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


11. Modification of Privacy Policy

We will modify our privacy policy to respond to changes in services and related regulations. You can return to view the service content of our company’s privacy policy at any time. If there are major changes to the privacy policy, we will notify you through the website, platform, application, or contact information.


12. Third-party applications

The company’s website and apps contain links to third-party websites and applications. We do not own or control these third-party websites and applications. We are not responsible for the actions of these third-party websites and applications, and this privacy policy does not apply to any third-party websites and applications. Before accessing or providing personal information to third-party websites, you should be aware of such third-party websites. The privacy policy and practice of the website, and you should take measures to protect your privacy.


13. Language Specification

This privacy policy is based on the Chinese version. In case of any discrepancies, the Chinese version shall prevail.


[The above is the full text of the privacy policy]