Nefitor Challenge

Compete with Friends. Workout, Fitness and have nice body.

Nefitor makes workout just like playing game.

Want to work out with friends? You should start to join Nefitor Challenge, keep exercising while competing others.

There are a lot of different challenges that were made by dietitian and instructor in Nefitor APP.

Nefitor promotes people to start fitness like playing games.

Balance Diet Challenge
Low Carbohydrates Challenge
Low Fat Challenge
14:10 Intermittent Fasting Challenge
16:8 Intermittent Fasting Challenge

Workout Challenge​

There are many fitness challenges, including balanced diet, 168 intermittent fasting and low fat diet, you can participate in the challenge with your friends. The nutritionist and fitness trainer set professional fitness goals and improve your healthy through simple daily quests.


Fitness diary​

The fitness diary contains diet and exercise. Complete the quests of challenge through diary, which helps people to change their living habits step by step for getting their health.

Social interaction

You can compete with your friends in the same challenge, and give them a comment every post. You will motivate each other’s fitness process with friends and achieve fitness goals together.